Photos: Esquire ( June/July 2013 ) Scans and HQ Outtakes

Meryl Streep has never once taken a shot of hot sauce or eaten a hot dog on a string while riding on some dude’s back, but Olivia Munn has, while exuding a world-class fuck-me, fuck-you attitude and still managing to be cheerful, all of which qualifies her as the greatest actress of our time. But I worry about her. Now that she’s a serious actress on HBO’s The Newsroom (season two begins on July 14), will she still burp on cue or jump into a giant chocolate pie dressed as a French maid? Or will her humanitarian work leave her no time for all the sophomoric shit that makes my life worth living?

I had to go find out.

A little unannounced hiatus, did you guys miss us? Olivia is in Esquire this month, so we have some treats for you! Thanks to Tina for these scans, plus a handful of hot, bikini-clad outtakes from the shoot and here’s a little of the interview (more on the Esquire website):

ESQ: What do you have?

OM: Triumph T100. I had a BMW R1200R that I got for an ex-boyfriend, and we broke up, and he said, “Just take it, I don’t want it,” so when he, he said to take the motorcycle back, I thought he was just being so silly, and I told him, I said, “This is ridiculous, you’re just being a martyr. If you give somebody a gift, you don’t take it back.”